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System Integration Solutions

MPS-RACK1-SD: A new "Swing Down" version of our popular 19" Rack Adapter.

MPS-B27 & MPS-B32: MPS Panels - MPS-B27: 4 XLR Connector on a "B" size panel. MPS-B32: 4 modular connectors (RJ11;RJ45;Fiber ST and SC) on a "B" size panel.

MPS-B39 & MPS-B40: New "B" size panels for those needing USB and Firewire connectivity.

ST-MD4, 6, or 8:  female/female Mini-Din bulkhead connectors to fit popular MPS-A9, A14, A15, A23, and A25. ST-TL-1: New female/female Toslink bulkhead connector to fit our popular XLR panels: MPS-B7, B14, B27, and C3.

MPS-A37 & MPS-A41: A size panels designed to accommodate Sub-Miniature D connectors, male or female 9 pin or high density 15 pin with the connector(s) mounting from the rear of the panel. MPS-B41: New B size panel with cutouts for 3 modular connectors from ATT/AVAYA. MPS-A41: New A size panel designed to accommodate a single bulkhead female to female DVI-I connector.

MPS gang panels

Custom panel systems: Produce custom panels in a wide selection of materials.

SPS 19" Rack Panels.: Fits industry standard gang outlet boxes.

Modular & Standard Panel Systems: MPS "B" size panels for "Keystone" connectors supplied with an adaptor collar. New 19" by 1RU panel with built-in label strip and cable tie-bar.

MPS-SMCM-8MU: Modular Surface Mount Chase with knockouts.

MPS-SMC-16MU-SD: Swing down version of our Surface Mount Chase.

SPS-19-_RU-FP/FFP: 19" flat and flanged SPS filler panels.

New MPS Panels: Colored finish to our MPS panels.

Adapter Plate: Adapter Plate for Swing Down (SD) FMR 16MU to SMBB back box

Label Strip Option: Label Strip Option for all 19" Rack Panels.

19" Rack Adapter: 19" Rack Adapter for MPS Lite Modules.

MPS Lite: Modular Panel System

Adapter Plates for Ganged Wall Boxes: Adapter Plates for Ganged Wall Boxes that accept MPS-Lite Modules

C9 Camera Connector Panel: Camera Connector Panel for MPS Lite, L-MPS-C9

FMR: Adapter Ring for 6" tall gutter boxes, raceways and screw cover wire-ways.

15MU AV Enclosure: A 15 Module Unit In-the-wall enclosure for MPS-Lite panels.

33MU Adapter Plate: A 33MU Adapter Plate to fit a 12" x 12" NEMA 1 enclosure and support MPS-Lite panels.

 B size panel for Keystone connectors : A series of B size panels to support Keystone style connectors.

16MU SMC with Knockouts: Introducing a new version of our ever popular Surface Mount Chase with Knockouts in the back and bottom for cable access.

SMBB Enclosure: In the Wall, Between the Studs, Back box with KO's, Adapter Plate and low profile Flush Mount Ring

 A size panels for Keystone and Fiber: A75 supports up to 4 Keystone connectors and panels A71~A74 to support Low Profile Snap-In Fiber Adapters.

New B size panel for Opticalcon Camera connectors and Pass-Through panel for cables.: Angled B9-N02 supports a single N02-4 connector and panels B28 allows cables to pass-through the pane via the Brush Insert.

Adapter Plates, Surface AV14 and Flush AV14-F, for MPS-Lite panels installed to a 8" x 8" NEMA Screw Cover Junction Box: Supports all MPS-Lite panels, 2 rows of 7MU for a total of 14MU for the connector interface.

Adapter Plates, Surface AV64 and Flush AV64-F, for MPS-Lite panels installed to a 16" x 16" Hoffman ASE16X16X6 Pull Box Supports all MPS-Lite panels, 4 rows of 16MU for a total of 64MU for the connector interface.

Adapter Plate, Surface AV26 and Flush AV26-F, for MPS-Lite panels installed to a 17.42" x 11" Peerless IBA2AC box: Supports all MPS-Lite panels, 2 rows of 13MU for a total of 26MU for the connector interface.

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