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Here you will find a listing of ongoing sales, deals, and other special offers. To inquire about the products, email us at or go to our Ordering/Contact page for more contact information. Prices valid only while stocks last.
Part Number Description Qty Price Notes
6801 E-MU Systems E4X Emulator 1 $1800.00 Excess Inventory
48P-12A/TYPE2AQT Audio Accessories TT Patch Bay 1 $180.00 Excess Inventory
719-0300 DGS 3 pin male XLR socket/BLK/silver contact 364 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
709-0300 DGS 3 pin male XLR plug/BLK/silver contact 97 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
KC-59-294 Kings BNC Plug 68 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
KC-59-580-MO6 Kings BNC Plug 371 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
KC-59-482 Kings BNC Plug 850 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
2029-20-9 Kings BNC Plug 92 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
2025-51-9 Kings BNC Plug 210 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
2025-47-9 Kings BNC Plug 102 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
2025-57-9 Kings BNC Plug 475 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
KC-59-403 Kings BNC Plug 74 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
KC-59-397 Kings BNC Plug 175 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory
2025-38-9 Kings BNC Plug 134 $1.00 ea Excess Inventory

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