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PP-48-TT |PP-96-1 | PP-48-1 (Discontinued)

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Project PatchFeatures

  • High end professional quality and reliability
  • Patchbays and cables available from stock
  • Re-configure with no rewiring
  • Interchange between non and half-normalled configurations
  • Freedom to arrange wild normals and mults, with no added time
  • All points available on rear of bay
  • Optional configuration service

The Project Patch™ System

The Project Patch™ System brings the quality and features of an expensive custom installation within reach of any studios budget. The system starts with our own high quality hand-tested Mini (Bantam) patchbay, wired at the jacks to special 8 channel connectors. Then we add a full line of compatible audio cables to mate with virtually all equipment. It's a system that's easy to specify, easy to install, and holds its value. You may purchase cables for all of your equipment and plug them into the patchbay wherever you like for the most convenient patching layout. Later re-configure your patchbay to accommodate equipment changes simply by removing cables, with no need to strip, solder, crimp, or punch down a single wire. Normalling is handled on identical connectors, so you have a wide range of normalling and multing options.

Patch Bays: PP-96-2 Our new 96 point TT patch bay
PP-48-TT 48 point TT patch bay (Discontinued)
PP-96-1 96 point TT patch bay (Discontinued)
PP-48-1 48 point 1/4" TRS patch bay (Discontinued)

For more information on the parts and accessories of Project Patch, go to Project Patch Details.


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