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PP-96-2 NEW
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PP-96-1 (Discontinued - See PP-96-2)

The PP-96-1 uses only the highest quality 96 point patching equipment manufactured by Audio Accessories, Inc.  These patchbays are designed to stand up to the rigors of real world applications. Don't be fooled by cheaper plastic "cassette" type jacks. Audio Accessories, Inc. has developed an audio Mini jack with a zinc die cast frame, in order to accommodate the high tolerances involved with PC board interconnection. We use Western Electric #1 gold alloy contacts, and all of our jacks are hand adjusted and inspected to insure high contact pressure.

Patchbay PP-96-1

Patchbay Specifications:

Patchbay (PP-96-1) Blank Half-Height Filler Panels (PNL-HALF)
  • 96 point Mini Patchbay.
  • Jacks grouped in 24 pair.
  • (2) 4-line designation strips.
  • 1-1/2 RU panel and self contained chassis, with harnessing tray for better cable management and strain relief.
  • Half-normal.
  • Norplex ED-3 black core laminate with suede finish matching panel(PP-96-1), texture, and thickness.
  • Fills out a rack with an odd number of 1-1/2RU patchbays.
  • 19" wide .875" high.

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