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PP-48-TT (Discontinued - See PP-96-2)

The latest addition to our Project Patch family, the PP-48-TT was designed from the ground-up to meet real world needs.  Needs and requirements like flexibility, ease of use, and compactness.

Project Patch PP-48-TT

Flexibility: Like the other patch bays in the family, the PP-48-TT uses the same modular interface connector - no soldering or punch-down - simply make the connection when installing or rearrange the connections when you need to re-configure your patch bay, it's that easy! This holds true for when you want to rearrange your normalling, multing or daisy chains. For even greater flexibility we have added user selectable full or half-normalling, ground lift or ground bussing for each jack.

Usage: Legible disignation is the key to easy usage. Not only do we offer the largest designation strip (0.4" high) of any 1RU patch bay, we go one step further and illuminate each strip for even easier identification and usage.

Space: Each patch bay is housed in a compact 1/2 wide 19" by 1 RU high (8.75" by 1.75") unit which can be used free standing, surface mounted, or installed in a custom rack. When a traditional 19" by 1RU unit is required, 2 x PP-48-TT can be attached to one another to meet this form factor.

Reliability: Utilizing high quality TT (bantam) jack sockets and gold plated connectors throughout to insure stable connections for long term reliability. Each unit housed in a sturdy steel and aluminum enclosure to withstand the rigors of real world usage.

2 x PP-48-TT / 19" by 1.75" (1RU):

PP-48-TT dw mini PP-48-TT dw mini

Back panel:

pp48bpdw.gif (9821 bytes)

Patchbay Specifications:

Patchbay (PP-48-TT) Options
  • 8.75"W x 1.75"H x 6.5"D, including strain relief shelf.
  • 8 Lb.
  • Table top power supply (PSU) 3"W x 6"L x 3"D, specify 220V option at order.
  • 220V Power Supply.
  • Mating connectors.
  • Project Patch interface cables - circular or flat.
  • Rack Mount Kit.

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