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Signal TransportSwing Rack


  • Shear plate pivot system eliminates flex and sag, ensures that racks stay plumb and square
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Available in pairs or singles
  • Order as a plain face frame, or with rear frame, rails, and auxiliary hardware


  • Machine room walls (requires customer build out)
  • Wall mounted cabinets above counters or workstations (requires customer millwork)
  • Under counters or workstations (requires customer millwork)
Swing Rack

Swing Rack

When a lack of space means you can't leave room to get behind the racks, consider Signal Transport's swing rack systems. These modular systems are designed to be mounted into framed wall openings or into millwork and provide easy access to the rear of your equipment when needed. Each rack includes a spacer panel which closes the rack and provides clearance for the rear of the equipment as it swings around. Double rack pairs share a single spacer between them; you must first open the side with the spacer, then the opposite side may be opened. Equipment depths of over 22" are accommodated. Swing racks are available in three heights: 45 RU, 15 RU, and 12 RU.

Our design solves several problems with the concept of a front opening rack: the design is inherently rigid and sag resistant, requiring no wheel to support it, while capable of supporting heavy loading. Alignment is always good, meaning the rack will always close properly. Cable and power management is taken into consideration so installations can be clean and tangle free. Swing Racks have been chosen by Sony Pictures, Warner Bros Studios, Walt Disney Feature Animation, and many others. Signal Transport's Swing Racks help you create solid, professional, clean installations.

Swing Rack

  • Face frame - sturdy welded steel tube frame includes rack rail, adjustable pivot peg, cable tie panel, and auxiliary mounting points.
  • Swing Filler Panel - one required for each single or pair of racks, 14 ga welded steel construction, includes pull-and-turn latches.
  • Pivot/Strike Plate - two required for each pair or single. 1/8" steel plate with Delrin pivot bushings mounts to cabinet or framing to spread shear loads from rack to structure.
  • Rear Frame Kit (not shown) - optional kit provides full accessory mounting including rear rack rails, cable tie bars, mounting for power strips, etc.


Rack Units Y X Required opening height






31.375" 32.375"


83.875" 84.875"
Double Rack opening width 53"
Single Rack opening width 31.625"

Mounting Information

The success of the installation is dependent on the quality and accuracy of the millwork or framing. The framed opening must provide a 5/16" reveal at the sides of the rack to allow rotation. Please refer to the dimension table and request our mounting instruction sheet for more detail. Mounting is accomplished by first screwing the bottom and top pivot/strike plates into the cabinet or framed opening. Then the racks are put in place and the pivot pegs are extended into the bushings on the pivot/strike plates. It is important that the opening be square and plumb, and   capable of sustaining the full weight of the rack at the lower corners of the frame. The top of the frame must be braced to building structure to prevent lateral movement. The tolerances of the opening should be kept to within +/- 1/8" including across the diagonals.

Part Number Description Order Information
Complete Swing Rack pair consisting of (2) face frames, (2) double pivot/strike plates and bushings, (1) swing spacer All Face Frames, spacers, pivot plates, and hardware visible from the front are black textured epoxy paint. All rear framing components are nickel plated. Rear frames ship disassembled. Shipments are FOB Belmont, CA. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.
Complete single Swing Rack consisting of (1) faceframe, (2) single pivot/strike plates and bushings, (1) swing spacer
Single rear frame kit consisting of top and bottom pan, intermediate struts, rear struts, rear rack rail, and auxiliary tie bar for power strips and cable management. Two required for each SS-PAIR.

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