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Signal TransportModular Panel System

Modular Panel SystemApplications

  • Recording Studios
  • TV Studios
  • Radio Production
  • Mic and Cue Panels
  • Multimedia
  • Digital Audio
  • Sound Stages
  • Custom Equipment

Introducing the Best Solution for Custom Panels

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of designing and installing a custom panel, only to discover too late that something is missing? Signal Transport's Modular Panel System (MPS) addresses this problem. Install a chase with enough space for expansion, fill it out with blank panels, and then, when your facility expands, add more functions to the panel--with no hassles.

With Signal Transport's Modular Panel System, small groupings of individual connector types are field assembled to create any custom panel quickly and easily, with no machining or finishing. Standard modules accommodate many popular connectors, and we can provide you with custom panels fast..  This fully professional system is made from 1/8" thick, brushed black anodized aluminum. The MPS system adds a whole new freedom to designing, installing, and updating custom panels.

Proven Excellence

Thousands of MPS units are installed in some of the top facilities in the country such as Sony Music New York, Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch, Walt Disney Feature Animation, WPIX, WGBH, Zoetrope Studios and Pacific Ocean Post. The MPS system is the cumulation of over ten years of field trials, installations, and engineering refinement.

Flexible, Attractive Mounting Options

The MPS system includes a range of mounting options for wall mount (surface or flush), rack mount (exposed panel or enclosure), and portable, in a range of widths to accomodate most installation requirements. These solidly built, attractive enclosures and chases provide cable management, protection, and mounting to make your job easier. 

Cad Library Available

Consultants and Designers: Ask about our MPS specification manual with AutoCADŽ library disk. Comprehensive drawings are available for various mounting conditions. Complete panel layouts and detailed connector drawings are available to ease the system design process. These are also available for free download and viewing in our MPS Application section.

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